Here is listed several links to essential web-pages of the parish radio theme.


Wikipedia - Roman Catholic Church in Ireland

All basic information of Irish Catholic Church published in Wikipedia


Irish Catholic Chruch (

Portal for the Catholic Church of Ireland with all kind of information.

Includs Northern Ireland.


Irish Catholic Chruch - Mass time search  (

You can search Mass times for any church in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


R.I.P. - Ireland (

Current death notices and funeral arrangements for Ireland


Obituaries-NI (

Current death notices and funeral arrangements.for Northern Ireland


Village-names in Ireland / Village-names in Northern Ireland


List of all received parish radios on 27 MHz (pdf)

This pdf-list is the complete information of the identified churhes with frequencies, addresses etc.

The list is compiled by Patrick Robic from Austria.


ComReg - WPAS - Info/application  (pdf)

Basic information and application form of WPAS-broadcasting (Wireless Public Address System) in Ireland published in 2006.


ComReg - WPAS - Decrees etc.  (pdf)

Decrees and technical information for WPAS-broadcasting system in Ireland


Ofcom - CADS - Northern Ireland 

Decrees and regulations for similar public broadcasting for Northern Ireland, CADS (Community Audio Distribution System)




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